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At McIlrath|Eck, we believe that when selecting a financial planner, the most important motivation is finding someone you can relate to and can trust! Remember, a financial planner works for you and they must always act in your best interest. What does that mean? They provide you with objective advice while offering low fees. You want someone who values you as a client and a human being and always treats you with respect.

If this is the type of financial planner you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place! Our fee-only advisors at McIlrath|Eck seek to reduce and even eliminate money-related stress and to make a positive impact on your financial life. As far as we are concerned, it is all about helping you live a life well planned! How do we do that? We sit down with you and offer a comfortable conversational style that brings peace and clarity to the financial planning process. We take the time to explain your options to you as we put a practical and achievable financial plan in place that will result in a rewarding retirement.


Do you need to prepare for your financial future? Do you find the planning process confusing and time-consuming? Are you seeking answers to your retirement and estate planning questions? If so, we offer highly trained financial advisors who care about your financial well being — professionals who will save you time, evaluate your options and present simple and effective solutions.

Retirement should be the time when you do the things that you have always wanted to do – spend time with grandchildren and other family, travel to your favorite vacation destinations, begin a second career, and serve your church or favorite charity. You should not have to worry about money.

Our expert financial advisors develop and implement financial and estate planning solutions that allow our clients to take charge of their lives and to create the lifestyles they want. We are known for providing personalized care, prompt service and proactive wealth management.

At McIlrath|Eck, we understand that behind every checkbook and every retirement account is a personal story.  We’ve all made mistakes with our finances, but we also have successes and goals and dreams for our future.

We invite you to call or visit us for a complementary, no-obligation get acquainted meeting so we can help you prepare for the rewarding retirement that you deserve!


We make improving your knowledge of finances accessible, affordable, relevant and satisfying!

It’s your choice. You can opt for adult education classes through a local college, take advantage of your employer sponsored financial education workshops, or pursue specialized advanced topic workshops. Our financial planning firm is committed to providing you with every opportunity to become a better steward of your assets.

Check the education resources on the navigation bar for available classes on financial education and for registration information.

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Are you planning on retiring soon? Do you have concerns about how you will be able to save enough for retirement, especially if your employer offers only a limited retirement package or no retirement package at all? Are you not sure how much income you will even need for your retirement lifestyle? Then read our LATEST NEWSLETTER ARTICLE Your Retirement - It's Personal to find out how best to prepare for a secure and rewarding retirement during uncertain economic times!

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